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B2B-Solution-Architect Practice Questions

Salesforce Certified B2B Solution Architect Exam Practice Test

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B2B-Solution-Architect Practice Questions

Question# 1

Different teams at Universal Containers (UC) are experiencing challenges using their existing tools. The Sales team can only access their application from the office, the Marketing team has to manually import leads coming from the website into their campaign tool, and the Support team lacks a communication history repository between email, social networks, and calls. The website was developed by the IT team, and the Legal team is responsible for the Consent Management Platform used to meet GDPR requirements. UC wants to improve its relationship with customers, so a digital redesign program is starting with the goal of moving to Salesforce solutions. Which three steps are necessary to set up a program roadmap? Choose 3 answers
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Question# 2

Universal Containers (UC) has a multi - cloud implementation in place covering Service Cloud and Experience Cloud. As part of UC's support process, service agents often need to search across an external ERP that hosts the order information of its customers. They would like to see their ERP data in Salesforce but IT is weary of duplicating data across systems. Which integration mechanism should achieve this with standard capabilities?
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Question# 3

Universal Containers (UC) has acquired four companies and is looking to manage revenue across all mergers' territories seamlessly. UC wants to drive major business decision and selling strategies based on an efficient, complete, real - time view of team forecasts across territories from Salesforce. A sales user can be part of multiple territories and is usually working on multiple opportunities at a time. Which technical consideration should a Solution Architect make when designing collaborative forecasting?
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Question# 4

Towards the end of the discovery phase, the sales manager and subject matter experts raise a request to get hands - on experience with the solution as soon as possible. They want to ensure the requirements they provided are correctly built out in Salesforce. The project sponsor is unsure how that request may affect the schedule. Which method should a Solution Architect consider in this scenario to validate the requirements during the build sprint without impacting the project timelines?
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Question# 5

Universal Containers (UC) is about to complete the first phase of its digital transformation with its new Lead to Invoice process that incorporates several clouds like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Revenue Cloud, Experience Cloud, and MuleSoft. UC is now creating a Center of Excellence and focusing on a purely Agile methodology for working on new releases. UC wants to understand some of the considerations around release planning. What are two recommendations a Solution Architect should make to ensure UC's releases to production work within its release schedule and there are no delays in future releases? Choose 2 answers
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