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About Using This Website

The access to the website clearly denotes that you are abiding by the terms and conditions of this disclaimer notice. You should not access the website these terms and not of your concern.

Warranties and Liability

The content on the website is represented “as is” content with the attempt of providing the accurate information in the form of examination tests or other information.  The company is not responsible for providing any warranty of the information being accurate or complete. The purpose of presenting the information is the benefits regarding the offers provided by the company. However, we are not giving a full warranty that the information is up to date and not misleading. There is no assurance provided by the company of online availability of the site.

There is no warranty of the accuracy of the servers that they are error free or a virus free. The user has to accept to make adequate provisions for increasing personal security against any threats of viruses.  The company recommends the users to first scan the files available on the site and download it afterward. None of the users has the right to make any professional or official recommendation regarding the content of the website. The company has the right to exclude the warranties and representations on the site.

The company takes no responsibility of being liable for any direct, indirect, substantial, punitive or unusual damages. The damages of loss of profit, contracts, status, goodwill, records, information, revenue, predictable discount or business associations fall under the category. The company announces the users about all the damages that can arise during the usage of information of the website.


  • All the products: study guides, examinations, images, articles or any document are Copyright All Rights Reserved.
  • All the resources available on the site are developed by the company with maintaining the high standard.
  • None of the other companies in the market have the partnership, implication, endorsement, or sponsorship for the products. Only the official parents of have the partnership which falls in an official category.


  • Respective owners hold the ownership of the registered trademarks, logos and service marks that are part of the document. The products, demo, and content are the authority of relevant owners.
  • Privacy Policy The privacy policy is a display of the activity of exams4success company for using and protecting the information provided by the user.
  • exams4success work with the commitment to ensuring the privacy of all the user of the website. The information asked by the users at the time of using the website will be used with the Accord of the privacy declaration. 
  • exams4success can make any required changes in the information available on the website both for the satisfaction of the customers and maintain the standards with recommendations.

What do We Collect?

The Exams4success have the authority of collecting basic information of the user for providing the services. We collect following information.

  1. Full Name of the User
  2. Email Address of the User

What do We Do with the Information we gather?

For the sake of providing the quality services based on the requirements of the customers, exams4success collect the information for following reasons.

  1. The information is used for Internal Record Maintenance.
  2. We can use your information for making Improvement of the available products and services
  3. The user’s information is also used for sending promotional email about the latest products, special offers, or any interesting information made for the use of customers.
  4. The company will also contact the customers occasionally for the market research. The contact will make through phone, email, email, or fax according to the company’s terms and conditions. The purpose of this attempt is to customize the website with the interests of customers.

How do We Use Cookies?

The small file that works with the permission of placing the data on the hard drive of customer’s computer is called the cookie. The cookie will be added once you have submitted your permission for analyzing web traffic and usage of the website. The college will respond to the customers as the individual. The web application can adapt its operation to the requirements, likes, and dislikes of the customer. The procedure would include gathering and storing the personal information about the preference of customers.

Exams4success user the information by the traffic log cookie for analyzing the usage of pages. The effort is made for improving the website according to the modification required by the customers. The data is removed from the record once it is used for statistical purpose.

The purpose of representing cookie is to present a better website through a continuous monitoring of the most search pages. The cookie is free from the threat for the customer as it does not provide any information about the device used by the customer. The company gives permission to the customer about accepting or declining the cookie. It could be done through modification in the browser setting for declining the cookie. However, declining the cookie can limit the advantage of the website for the user.


Exams4success is committed to the security of information provided by its customers. There are different corporeal, electronic and administrative procedures designed for enhancing the security of information collected online by the customers.

Controlling Your Personal Information

The customers have the right of restricting their personal information for following ways.

  • At the time of request of information through the online survey with an online form, the customer can click the box with the indication of non-participation in the activity designed for the purpose of direct marketing.
  • If the customer has already agreed to provide the information. He/she can change the status of participation by writing email to [email protected]

The Company abides by the law of customer protection and it will not sell or distribute the personal information provided by the customer to any third party. However, the company will sell promotions about the third parties who are interested in providing other services to customers.